Fire Damaged Paradise Valley Home Restored & Renovated

Join us on the final walkthrough of this full-scale restoration and renovation of this charming residence in Paradise Valley, AZ. This home fell victim to an electrical fire but our team was able to renovate this house back into a livable space and even make some improvements along the way.

✅ Structural Revival: From the roof to beams, walls to supports, we worked diligently to restore the very foundation that holds the home together.

✅ Electrical Renewal: Given the fire’s origin, we left no stone unturned when it came to safety. Our skilled electricians meticulously assessed and updated the entire system, focusing on rewiring, panel upgrades, and enhanced safety measures.



✅ Interior Refinement: Our journey extended inside, where we combined the remnants of the existing charm with contemporary brilliance. Flooring, walls, cabinets, bathrooms, and even doors underwent a makeover, transforming the space into a place you could call home.

✅ Thoughtful Addition: We didn’t stop at restoring; we enhanced. The sunroom was thoughtfully transformed into livable space, adding a new dimension of functionality to the home.

This home in Paradise Valley, AZ might have encountered a challenging period, but we turned the tide. More than just a renovation, it’s a heartwarming comeback story. Our team infused this space with a fresh start and an invigorating ambiance – and we couldn’t be prouder of the result.

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