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Welcome to our design showcase, where innovation meets construction excellence. At P.J. Hussey Construction, design is not just a phase – it’s a cornerstone of our process.

Explore below to learn more about how we do design, and check out samples of some of our favorite projects in the design gallery.

Sample Design Sheet

Design Process

Initial Free Rendering

From the information gathered at the initial appointment, our designer will craft a complimentary 3D rendering sample for all kitchen, bathroom and feature wall projects. This provides you with a visual glimpse of the transformation ahead.

Perfecting the Design

Should you decide to proceed, our commitment deepens. We offer an enhanced rendering, incorporating your preferences and product selections. We want to ensure your vision comes to life, and will refine this design with updates until perfection. Once finalized, a comprehensive design sheet becomes a tangible guide on-site during construction.

Diving Deep

For some of our bigger jobs like additions, we go the extra mile, employing Matterport virtual scans to capture the entirety of your space, creating an immersive experience and a valuable reference throughout the project.

Design Gallery

Click here to see completed project.

Interior Design

At P.J. Hussey Construction, we want to provide all the tools you need to make the project of your dreams.

We are contracted with some very talented interior designers that can take your project to that next level with interior design.

Color Scheme

Interior Design Services

1-Hour Design Starter Appointment

What’s your style? How do you want your new space to look, feel and function? During your 1-hour appointment, our designer will work with you to answer these questions and more. Check out the Interior Design Survey to see specifics on what areas you will explore. From there you can decide if you want to do space planning and conceptional design or go on a materials shopping trip!

Space Planning/ Conceptional Design

Our designer will help you develop a concept board, advise on space planning, and color palette. This will help you make sense of the many choices out there and create a solid roadmap to the final design. This will include one revision upon client request.

Materials Shopping Trip

A one-time shopping trip where you will visit up to 3 stores/showrooms. Visit the slab yard, tile center, or the kitchen and bath showroom to pick out the finishes for your space. You can get material samples or even make purchases during this adventure.

Interior Design Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline for the interior design process, and how many revisions can I expect?2024-05-08T22:48:32+00:00

From the information gathered at the initial appointment, our designer will craft a complimentary 3D rendering sample for all kitchen, bathroom and feature wall projects. From there, the timeline varies for finalized plans and designs depending on the scope of the project and the complexity of the design. We remain flexible to accommodate all reasonable revisions until you’re satisfied with the design.

What is interior design, and how does it differ from functional design?2024-05-08T22:46:04+00:00

Interior design focuses on enhancing the aesthetics, ambiance, and overall look of a space, while functional design prioritizes practicality and usability. However, the two disciplines often intersect to create well-rounded designs.

What do your design services cost?2024-06-07T22:57:50+00:00
Our design services are billed at $150 per hour. All projects will be assessed a minimum of a $350 design fee which covers the first 3 hours of time. All additional hours will be billed in 15 min increments.
For interior design services, P.J. Hussey Construction is contracted with Pif Design Studio. This is an additional design service that takes customer support to the next level with interior design. These services are structured as a comprehensive package, beginning with a base rate of only $600. This initial segment includes 4 hours of interior design support, comprising a 1-hour consultation session at your location, along with your choice of either 3 hours dedicated to space planning/conceptual development or a 3-hour outing for material selection and inspiration shopping. Should your project necessitate additional time our designer will collaborate closely with you to craft a personalized proposal to address your specific needs with possible additional charges depending on the project’s scope.

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