Fire Damaged Phoenix Area Home Restored & Renovated

Join us on the final walkthrough of this full-scale restoration and renovation of this charming residence in Phoenix, AZ. This home fell victim to an electrical fire but our team was able to renovate this house back into a livable space and even make some improvements along the way.

✅ Structural Revival: From the roof to beams, walls to supports, we worked diligently to restore the very foundation that holds the home together.

✅ Electrical Renewal: Given the fire’s origin, we were concerned with safety. Our skilled electricians assessed and updated the entire electrical system, focusing on rewiring, panel upgrades, and enhanced safety measures.

✅ Interior: Inside was a combination of the remnants of the existing charm with some upgrades. Flooring, walls, cabinets, bathrooms, and even doors underwent a makeover, transforming the space into a place you could call home.

✅ Addition: We didn’t stop at restoring; we enhanced. The sunroom was transformed into livable space, adding a new dimension of functionality to the home.

This home might have encountered a challenging period, but we turned the tide. More than just a renovation, it’s a heartwarming comeback story.

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Before & After