Client Testimony: I got a call from a client saying they wanted to personally thank me for the job we did on their carport. When the client originally approached us, they were going to settle for some metal patio cover because every other contractor that came out said anything different wasn’t doable. After throwing out their original plans, that they were going to simply settle for, we went back to the drawing board to discuss with them what they truly wanted. During this process we learned that they wanted something that honored the era of the home and was tall enough and long enough that their truck could fit in it. As you can see, we’re standing under their dream carport addition, and we addressed all the structural, design, and roofing issues seamlessly as part of our process. I’m truly grateful to be able to help them and honored that they asked me to come out and get a picture with them under their new carport! – Andrew Thruston


carport design architectural plans

Before and After

carport before pictureafter carport addition
carport before picture view from the streetafter carport addition view from the street

During Construction