Built in 1945 with two small bedrooms, an even smaller kitchen, and one bathroom, our clients were ready to expand and modernize their living space.

This project added 355 sq ft and reconfigured the floor plan, resulting in a large open kitchen, master bedroom, and master bathroom, featuring one of their favorite additions: a very large walk-in closet.

Aesthetics aside, significant work was done to enhance the overall structure and energy efficiency of the home. A new roof with modern insulation, new windows, and updated plumbing were substantial improvements from the 1945 build.

This renovation transformed a small, outdated house into a modern, spacious home that meets contemporary living standards. Structural and efficiency upgrades have made the home more beautiful, functional, and sustainable. This project showcases the potential of thoughtful renovations to breathe new life into older properties, enhancing their livability and enjoyment for their owners.


Before and After

Sunroom BeforeAfter Addition
Guest Bathroom BeforeGuest Bathroom After
Sunroom BeforeAfter Addition

During Construction