Our clients had a clear vision for refreshing multiple areas of their home. This extensive renovation encompassed a variety of spaces, from new flooring throughout to transformative updates in the kitchen, dining room, and kids’ and master bathrooms. We removed a wall to make way for the expanded kitchen, island and dining area.

This job was all about storage solutions, and included the beautiful addition of a feature wall adorned with bookshelves along with updates to the office and closet spaces.

In addition to aesthetic changes, we addressed practical concerns, such as the added storage, reinforcing ductwork to combat Arizona’s scorching summers, adjusting the shower head in the master bedroom to accommodate taller individuals, and installed updated, energy-efficient appliances. This busy family prioritized both style and practicality, and their new home is not only stunning, but fits seamlessly in with their lifestyle.


Before and After

Kitchen BeforeRenovated Kitchen in Phoenix, AZ dual colored cabinets, modern backsplash, large kitchen island.
Master Bathroom BeforeMaster Bathroom After
Kids Bathroom BeforeKids Bathroom After

During Wall Removal