With eight individuals sharing only two bathrooms, the situation was far from ideal. This family urgently required an additional bathroom to bring order to the chaos inherent in a large household. Along the way, they seized the opportunity to enhance the master bathroom too.

In the end, the addition of a new bathroom not only alleviated the challenges of accommodating a large family but also allowed for significant improvements to the master bathroom’s shower and flooring, enhancing the overall comfort and functionality of the home. Win Win!!


Pricing Breakdown

*The below costs are actual costs of the above project.
*Pricing is subject to change and all jobs are unique.
*The breakdown below only includes the addition, not the work done in the master bathroom.

Description Final Cost Price per sq. ft
Demolition $800.00 $14.29
Concrete $1,410.00 $25.18
Rough Carpentry $1,809.73 $32.32
Plumbing Rough In $6,194.84 $110.62
Electrical Rough In $362.64 $6.48
Windows, Glass and glazing $1,863.10 $33.27
Drywall $1,265.30 $22.59
Tub/Shower Surround $4,735.55 $84.56
Doors, Frames, Hardware (Installed) $1,377.31 $24.59
Painting $650.00 $11.61
Flooring $775.00 $13.84
Baseboards $0.00 $0.00
Electrical Trim out $384.25 $6.86
Dumpsters $490.00 $8.75
Misc. $308.38 $5.51
Engineering and Professional Services $2,500.00 $44.64
Permit Costs $474.46 $8.47
Subtotal $25,400.56  
Overhead Profit (20%) $5,080.11  
Grand Total $30,480.67 56 sq. ft.
Cost per sq. ft.   $544.30


During Construction