A Tranquil Haven Unveiled: A Home Remodel by P.J. Hussey Construction

This comprehensive renovation project for our client in Avondale, AZ included, transforming their house into a calm, family friendly space. From the master shower upgrade to the kitchen, flooring, and both interior and exterior painting, this remodel left no stone unturned, resulting in a stunningly beautiful and tranquil abode.

Master Shower Upgrade:

We took their builder grade shower in the master bedroom to a new level buy adding tile, a storage nook, glass doors, and upgraded fixtures.

Hallway Bathroom:

Not stopping at the master shower, we extended the overall design into the hallway bathroom as well. Soft, neutral colors and ample lighting were combined with carefully selected tiles and fixtures, resulting in a bathroom that was both inviting and visually appealing.

The Kitchen:

The heart of every home, the kitchen received a refresh that that was both pleasing to the eye and fit within the clients budget. A neutral color palette was employed, complimented by natural stone countertops a beautiful backsplash and updated fixtures.


To tie the entire home together, P.J. Hussey Construction opted for a cohesive flooring design to replace the carpet, tile, and laminate that was throughout the house. The new flooring elevated the aesthetics but also improved the home’s overall air quality. The choice of light-toned, wide-plank flooring further contributed to the calming and harmonious vibe.

Painting Inside and Outside:

Recognizing the transformative power of paint, P.J. Hussey Construction worked diligently to bring the client’s vision to life through thoughtful color choices. Soft neutrals were selected for the interior, creating an atmosphere of tranquility throughout the living spaces. On the exterior, a fresh coat of paint revitalized the home’s curb appeal, leaving a lasting impression of beauty and elegance.

Before and After